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Mr. Zadravec is not only a first rate pianist, but also a first rate composer, and arranger with a wide creative palette. His playing is muscular and filled with a sense of adventure. His writing is full of interesting harmonic surprises and textures. I believe this first recording by Zen Zadravec says that there will be many more recordings with even more surprises!!!

~Kenny Barron, Jazz Pianist

Once in a while you come across a young, new artist who presents an exciting new sound that few words one can say about the music seem inadequate. Such is the case with Canadian-born pianist Zen Zadravec, his quartet and this first effort.

There’s no question that Zen Zadravec comes of age on this impressive and compelling debut. The music you will encounter on Coming of Age reveals the remarkable talents of an artist whose performance and compositions have forged a gem of an album.

~Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

Zen is one of the best keyboardists I have ever worked with…He is a consummate professional!

~Gloria Gaynor, Disco Legend & Grammy winner

I’m really impressed with the latest title that came a few days ago to KEOL-FM La Grande, Oregon, Coming Of Age…this CD is packed with creative arrangements throughout. A true gem, I’m glad I could spend quality time with.

~Jenifer Tarkus Kayoa-Bonaqeraj, KEOL 91.7 FM

Pianist Zen Zadravec has upset the apple cart for those of us who are beginning to form our ‘best of 2008’ releases for this year. The newcomer has released a CD which serves well beyond the typical introduction album. ‘Coming of Age’ showcases the multi-talented Zadravec’s ability to compose music which provides his own unique voice in jazz.

From track to track, the listener is exposed to the gifted abilities and various styles of Zen’s performance as he can move from the most challenging bop to the genius of contemporary
thought… or to the most passionate of moods.

Zen’s leadership of this group magnifies his own abilities and the special guests just enhance character of this project. This is intelligent jazz. Being exposed to new talent such as Zen Zadravec keeps jazz fresh in my ears.. I highly recommend ‘Coming of Age’ for those of you who can hear real jazz. These tracks will be on radioIO Real Jazz for months to come.”

~Dr. Mike Matheny, Radio (IO)

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